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The Soho Beauty Rituals: Model-turned-florist Christie Leigh keeps it low key

We sat down with our Skin Insider to chat Soho Skin, simple morning routines and the return of indie sleaze

By Chloe Lawrance

Christie Leigh never intended to be a model. In fact, she fell into the career after studying illustration at Camberwell College of Arts in London. 'I kind of hated modelling, actually,' she laughs. 'But I loved seeing all the set design - and so I started doing some of that instead.'

When figuring out what was next after modelling, Leigh married her love of flowers with fashion and set design, and she now spends her days crafting amazing floral works for an impressive line-up of beauty and fashion brands. That includes Soho Skin: she created the beautiful floral decorations showcased at our recent Skin Insiders event in London.

One thing Leigh's background in modelling did offer was a deep understanding of all things beauty - time on set taught her a lot about her skin, and instilled a deep appreciation for a low-maintenance routine. Here, she shares some of her Soho Beauty Rituals.

I'm no stranger to an early start…

'If I've got an event in the evening, then I'll be down at the flower market by 6am to buy what I need. Skincare-wise, I like to keep things seriously simple on those days: I quickly wash my face and apply a bit of the Soho Skin Face Cream. Once I'm finished at the market, I'll head back to my studio for event prep, or sometimes just to work on some new ideas. I'm lucky that my studio is just down the road from my flat, so I'll pop home to take my dog out for a walk, too.'

Modelling taught me a lot about my skin…

'It was difficult for me to really build a proper skincare routine while modelling; I was always having new oils and spritzes applied to my face - not to mention, bucket-loads of makeup. My skin struggled and I had a lot of breakouts. It was an experience that made me really look at my relationship to beauty; I realised my complexion was at its best with a pared-back routine. These days, I'm all about simplicity: good, reliable products and the occasional facial.'

The 24/7 Treatment is a necessity in my routine…

'I apply it at night before I go to bed, and when I wake up my skin just looks fresher and more glowy. It's a real injection of moisture, but it doesn't feel at all sticky or greasy. Another Soho Skin must-have for me is the Renewal Serum. I tend to avoid anything that feels too heavy or that might clog my pores - this is so lightweight and leaves my skin really dewy.'

I experimented with beauty a lot as a teenager…

'I grew up in the era of "indie", so I'm enjoying seeing the return of "indie sleaze". That was my teen years! I was always trying to emulate that grungy, "slept-in" kind of look - which usually meant applying eyeliner and then actually sleeping in it. I spent many years trying to master the cat-eye liner look, too.'

My mum gave me the most important beauty advice…

'She always said: whatever you do, don't overpluck your eyebrows. I'm so glad I listened to her.'