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Meet the Soho Skin Insiders that have taken our new Face Oil for a test drive

To celebrate the latest addition to our range, we sat down with some of our Insiders to talk travel routines, their careers and, of course, all things skincare

By Chloe Lawrance

Inspired by the modern, 24/7 lifestyles of Soho House members, Soho Skin offers a line-up of hard-working, hyper-functional, precision skincare. Developed to support your skin's health, rather than overdose it with actives and harsh formulas, the range includes simple, effective products that deliver precisely what your complexion needs.

And now, the newest addition has arrived: our Face Oil. The lightweight formula lives up to the central goal of all of Soho Skin's skincare heroes: it's fuss free and high impact to support skin through the ups and downs of a busy life. Complete with a replenishing blend of oils, like squalane, and botanical extracts, it locks in hydration, maintains the skin barrier and reduces water loss. The results? Balanced skin with a healthy glow.

To celebrate the launch, we invited some of Soho Skin's Skin Insiders - creative, on-the-go Soho House members that encapsulate everything the brand is about - to London's White City House to discuss travel rituals, their careers - and, of course, all things Soho Skin.

Catherine Hayward

A stylist and fashion editor, Catherine Hayward's career has spanned three decades, with stints at Esquire and GQ, and clients that include Daniel Craig and Benedict Cumberbatch.

'Whenever I'm travelling for shoots in the US, I'll always book into a Soho House,' Hayward explains over a flat white. 'They're set up for people in our industry. We'll have call-ins for fittings arriving at reception, and the staff totally get it without having to explain. It's so handy.'

Jetting off around the world for work isn't anything new for Hayward. In fact, her proclivity for travel has meant she's got it down to a fine art. 'I'm a fantastic packer,' she laughs. 'I visualise every outfit, write lists, and all of my clothes are rolled up to avoid creasing.' Her one non-negotiable when travelling? An early airport arrival. 'I've missed a flight before - on the day I was shooting George Clooney of all people. I'm never making that mistake again.'

When it comes to travel-friendly beauty rituals, Hayward practises a 'high-maintenance for low-maintenance' approach. As soon as she's checked in, she heads straight down to reception for recommendations on two things: the best blow-dry and pedicure within walking distance. 'I get to know the staff and the local area, and it's one less thing to worry about while I'm away.'

For skincare - be it on holiday or at home - Hayward is as minimal and considered as she is with her style. 'SPF every day. That's a non-negotiable for me and has always been, which I'm thankful for now. I drink a lot of water too, especially if I'm flying. Planes leave my skin so dehydrated.'

'I cleanse with the Soho Skin Cream Cleanser every night. I want to take my makeup off in one go, and 99% of cleansers irritate my eyes. This one doesn't,' she says. 'Recently, I've been spraying my face with a little water, then applying the Renewal Serum to lock in that moisture. If my complexion is looking a bit tired, I'll layer that with the 24/7 Treatment overnight. It's a really nourishing combination.'

As for the new Face Oil, Hayward's a fan. 'I've been using it over my neck, decolletage and hands. They're areas I think people tend to ignore. I like that the oil absorbs quickly, so that I can get dressed immediately without worrying about oily residue on my clothes. It's really lovely.'

Aaron Christian

Aaron Christian likes to be busy. 'I'm a director, filmmaker and producer, but I'm moving into TV, too' he says, shielding from the sun under an umbrella at White City House. 'I also do a podcast with my brother Reuben and friend Almass called What Is This Behaviour?, which focuses on South Asian creatives going against the grain. We actually did our launch party at this House last year. I founded The Asian Man, too. It's a page celebrating South Asian style that's becoming a coffee table book, and it's a kind of creative casting studio.'

As Christian explains, this celebration of South Asian culture permeates much of his output. 'Like a lot of creatives post pandemic, I was figuring out the intent of my work. Does it have meaning, what do I want its impact to be?' he says. 'I realised a lot of what I was passionate about was celebrating stories that aren't always told.'

Soho House has been the backdrop for much of Christian's career - a creative hub where he can shoot, party and build a network. East London born and raised, he recalls wild nights in the early days of Shoreditch House. 'As a younger creative trying to figure out my way, I used to go to these rooftop parties at the House. A mentor of mine, Dominic Buchanan, ran a night called Manhattan Mondays. We would go through a side entrance, straight up in the lift to the rooftop. I couldn't believe there was a rooftop pool in east London,' he remembers with a smile. 'It was an amazing place to be, bumping heads with brilliant, inspirational people.'

Despite a jam-packed work life, looking after his skin is something that's never fallen off Christian's radar. In fact, he cites it as an important part of his culture, in his DNA.

'I'm lucky to have quite good skin, a lot of which comes from genetics. But I've also been moisturising since I was a kid,' he explains. 'I think that's something a lot of people of colour can relate to. I have fairly dark skin, and if I don't moisturise as soon as I get out of the shower, my skin can appear almost white. It's just always been a part of my culture.'

How is he getting on with the new Soho Skin Face Oil? 'I like that all I need is two drops to moisturise my face. It's becoming part of my routine. That and the Eye Cream; I use it for when I need to show my skin some extra TLC. The metal applicator feels so nice.'