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Five Soho Skin essentials, according to our members

We turned to our ever-discerning Skin Insiders for their best picks from our coveted skincare range

By Chloe Lawrance

Sitting pretty in Soho House bedrooms and lining the shelves of our spas around the world, our Soho Skin range has become a mainstay of many members' skincare routines. And for good reason: each formula has been designed to support skin health through the ups and downs of daily life, without unnecessarily harsh or complicated ingredients.

Since we launched Soho Skin just over a year ago, we've been building our Skin Insiders community to bring together a group of members spanning the worlds of fashion, photography, publishing, beauty, and more. This group of creative minds exemplifies the Soho Skin ethos. They live busy lives and are passionate about finding products to maintain healthy, glowing skin. So, who better to ask for the ultimate recommendations from the range? We asked five of our Skin Insiders for their Soho Skin favourites - from the nourishing new addition to the post-night out skin saviour.

1. The Face Oil

'I love a face oil - I use one every morning and evening without fail,' says Alexis Foreman, art director and creative consultant. 'What I love about this one in particular is the texture: it provides just the right amount of slip for my daily facial massage without being greasy. Plus, it's packed with nourishing ingredients that feed and protect my skin, leaving it looking healthy and glowing.'

Face Oil, £60/ $95

2. The Renewal Serum

'The Renewal Serum has become a staple in my routine, especially on days that I'm out on location or flying long haul,' explains photographer Adam Fussell. It really helps with that dry, tight feeling I sometimes get at the end of a long day. It's also a real game changer for refreshing my dehydrated, tired skin if I've been out for a few drinks on the weekend.'

Renewal Serum, £76/ $115

3. The 24/7 Treatment

'Soho Skin's 24/7 Treatment works wonders and it's super versatile,' says Lotti Benardout, founder of Studio Anatomy and singer in the band HÆLOS . 'I use it either as a luxurious overnight mask to hydrate and soothe, or when I need an instant skin pick-me-up after a late night. The lightweight texture is silky and super absorbent, so it never leaves my face feeling sticky. I love how soft and glowing my complexion looks and feels the morning after I've used this.'

24/7 Treatment, £72/ $110

4. The Liquid Exfoliator

'I have to be honest, I never really understood or valued the importance of exfoliation in my skincare routine until I started using this one,' says stylist Rose Forde. 'You can feel it working straight away to get rid of the impurities and dirt your skin inevitably attracts from living in a city like London. Thankfully, there is no stickiness or irritation after use - it's clean, light and easy to apply. And the bottle is huge, so you can be super generous if your complexion feels a little extra clogged.'

Liquid Exfoliator, £60/ $100

5. The Cream Cleanser

'I often find myself looking forward to using the Cream Cleanser at the end of the day,' says model and videographer Toby Watkins. 'It works to wash away all the grime that builds up from daily life in the city. It's lightweight and refreshing to use, but still leaves my skin feeling really clean afterwards. Pair it with the 24/7 Treatment and I wake up with a complexion that looks 10 out of 10.'

Cream Cleanser, £55/ $80