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Six Soho Skin products we can’t live without

Not sure which skincare essential to add to your routine first? We asked our content team for their recommendations…

By Tilly Pearman

Beauty bags and bathroom shelves are covetable real estate these days. And with the launch of Soho Skin, the burgeoning beauty market just welcomed a smart new contender. Brought to you by Soho House - and developed with the help of a leading cosmetic scientist - the 10-product line-up is catching eyes not only for its smart packaging, but also for its focus on scientifically backed actives, too. Driving cellular energy, regenerating the skin's structure and protecting that all-important microbiome, Soho Skin is fast-becoming your modern-day toolkit.

With each product offering a multitude of benefits, choosing a favourite is no easy task. That's why we asked Soho House team members which one from the range gained their vote for that number-one spot in their beauty bag…

Eye Cream, £55/ $80

Sagal Mohammed, UK Content Editor

'If there's one skincare product I can't live without, it's eye cream. As someone who carries the burden of hereditary dark circles, I've tried every formula out there to rid myself of the natural zombie look, despite Gen Z trying to convince us that dark circles are "in" right now. For me, the first indicator of a reliable eye cream is its brightening powers. The Soho Skin Eye Cream is made with peptides that brighten the delicate layer of skin under your eyes, as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration - and it actually does the job. My favourite thing about it is that the hydrating element kicks in immediately, making the skin around my eyes appear brighter as soon as the cream has settled in. It also acts as a great base for applying concealer, which is an essential part of my makeup routine.'

Overnight Cream, £65/ $100

Jonathan Heaf, Chief Content Officer

'For many, including myself, sleep can often feel like an opportunity missed. With so much life to live (work ambitions, social engagements, family hang time, dog walking, Wordle playing), who can afford to power down for eight hours every single evening? Soho Skin's Overnight Cream is a tonic to sooth one's night-time FOMO; you can tuck yourself under the covers reassured that even if you've downed tools, your face cream is working nine to five (am). It's all (of course) about recovery: hyaluronic acid, glycerin and oat kernel oil help hydration and elasticity, while glycogen restores vitality. A face cream that works as hard as you live? That's the stuff dreams are made of.'

Cream Cleanser, £55/ $80

Kimiko Ninomiya, Group Head of Digital Communications

'The Cream Cleanser is the core of my skincare regimen; I'm completely obsessed with it. It's got this creamy, comforting texture that you can feel melting away the impurities of the day, without stripping any of the moisture. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and hydrated that I sometimes find I've forgotten to complete the other steps in my skincare routine. Though, in all honesty, I haven't felt any less for it.'

Face Cream, £60/ $90

Teo van den Broeke, Editorial Director

'When it comes to moisturisers, I'm a picky so and so. My skin is both oily and dry and, as a consequence, I require a product that will both hydrate sufficiently, but mattify in the right places, too. Thick, but not too thick; emollient but not greasy, Soho Skin's Face Cream left my skin feeling enriched, firm and protected without looking shiny, which is exactly what I'm looking for. Also, it doesn't have a strong scent - a massive plus in my opinion.'

The 24/7 Treatment, £72/ $110

Gemma Boner, Membership Content Director

'The 24/7 Treatment is my current saviour. It used to be late-night parties that I could blame for my lacklustre skin, but of late its sleepless nights granted to me by my one-year-old. Each week, I reach for my 24/7 Treatment to give me the boost I need, leaving my complexion brighter and hydrated. The light gel means it soaks in quickly, so if I need a little pep up I go for the 10-minute treatment. Or, if it's been a really tough week, I leave it on overnight to give an extra kick.'

Renewal Serum, £76/ $115

Tilly Pearman, Wellness Editor

'Truth be told, when it comes to skincare, I'm pretty lazy. That's why I'm claiming Soho Skin's Renewal Serum as my standout product from the range. Just one or two generous pumps, a quick massage into the face, and my skin is left with just the right level of sheen - a wearable natural glow and not the overdone glaze of an iced doughnut. And it feels great, too. Silky and lightweight, yet nourishing enough to double up as my moisturiser, it's my ultimate all-rounder.'