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Everything you need to know about the Soho Skin Face Oil

Joining our line-up of skincare essentials, this glow-giving new arrival promises healthy skin barrier function and deep nourishment

By Chloe Lawrance

Introducing the newest addition to Soho Skin's range of skin-supporting essentials: the Face Oil. Complete with a replenishing blend of oils and botanical extracts to nourish and firm your complexion, the Face Oil lives up to the central goal of all of Soho Skin's skincare heroes: its fuss-free, high-impact formula supports skin through the ups and downs of a busy life. By locking in hydration, helping to maintain your skin barrier and reducing water loss, the formula promises balanced skin with a healthy glow.

Whether you're already a face oil fan or just dipping your toe into its glow-giving potential, here's everything you need to know about our new arrival - from the key ingredients to watch out for to how to make the most of the formula in your routine.

What is the Soho Skin Face Oil?

'The Face Oil is the ultimate skin-softening, radiance-boosting treatment oil,' says Soho Skin Education Manager, Nathan Moore. 'Although lightweight in texture, it packs a moisturising punch - it's intensely nourishing without feeling heavy. Even better, we formulated it for all skin types (those with a complexion that feels dry, dehydrated or uncomfortable will especially appreciate the formula). Use it as the final step in your routine for an immediate glow or alongside a sculpting tool for frictionless facial massage.'

Ingredients spotlight


Among one of the most effective oils for dryness, squalane is a biocompatible emollient, meaning it acts much like your skin's natural oil production to prevent moisture loss. Lightweight and nourishing, the squalane used in this formula is derived from olives and is non-comedogenic, so it won't clog pores. By supporting the health of your skin barrier, it helps to leave your complexion soft and plump - even for sensitive skin types.

Enzymatically activated oils

Created by enzymatically treating a blend of almond, borage, linseed and olive oils, this nutrient-dense phytocomplex weightlessly reinforces skin barrier function. This in turn helps to protect your face from environmental stressors, prevent irritation, and maintain your skin's natural processes.

White lupin seed extract

Sourced sustainably from western France, this naturally soothing botanical promotes skin's collagen levels. The results? Greater elasticity - meaning a reduced appearance to fine lines - and a firmer, healthier finish.

Pomegranate seed oil

This oil is rich in antioxidants, including brightening vitamin C, which can help to smooth the appearance of fine lines and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. It also contains punicic acid, an anti-inflammatory fatty acid that calms and protects skin.

Raspberry seed oil

A well as being moisturising, raspberry seed oil also helps to repair and nourish skin for a softer, smoother finish. Plus, it contains high levels of vitamin E, which work to protect it from the damage that environmental aggressors like pollution can cause.

Why do I need the Soho Skin Face Oil in my routine?

Many people are afraid to use face oils, fearing they may cause breakouts or clog pores. In fact, a lightweight face oil such as Soho Skin's formula primarily acts as an emollient. That means it helps to soften and smooth the skin, and provides an immediate glow. It's best applied as the final step in your routine on top of your Renewal Serum and Face Cream or Overnight Cream. This will allow all that hydrating goodness from your other products to really work its magic. If you're using the Face Oil in your morning routine, always remember to finish with SPF to protect skin against sun damage.

A face oil can also be used effectively to aid facial massage, either with a gua sha or your fingertips, by creating a little 'slip' over the skin. Using sculpting movements and techniques, regular massage helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage, boost radiance and plump up skin - all while toning and tightening facial muscles.