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Five skin-nourishing ingredients to add to your routine this winter

Include these heroes in your daily line-up as the temperature drops – your complexion will thank you for it

By Chloe Lawrance

If we're being really honest, most of us aren't giving our skincare routines a total overhaul every time the season changes. But it's true that our skin needs different things at different times of the year - particularly during the colder months when dropping temperatures and central heating can leave skin feeling tight, dry and dull.

So, rather than switching up your routine completely, try adding in some much-needed hydration via a few hero ingredients. Superstars when it comes to nourishing and protecting your complexion against the impact of winter, each of these ingredients works to keep your skin at its healthiest - and can be spotted in many Soho Skin products, too.

1. Squalane

'Squalane acts as an emollient and an occlusive, meaning it works to soften the skin and seal in hydration,' explains Soho Skin Education Manager, Nathan Moore. 'It's a modified version of squalene, which is a component of the oil our skin naturally produces. This means it's well tolerated, and that's important in the cooler months when you want to support - not irritate - your complexion.'

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2. Glycogen

If your skin is in need of some serious TLC, turn to glycogen, which Moore describes as a 'revitalising, hydrating superstar'.

'It's one of the three ingredients that forms our Concentrate, and we specifically selected it because it has immediate and long-term benefits,' he says. 'Glycogen attracts and holds onto water, working to hydrate and plump the skin. But it also goes a step further by energising it too, actually helping it to increase its own production of beneficial substances like hyaluronic acid and collagen.'

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3. Oat kernel oil

Found in some of our most intensely hydrating skincare essentials, oat kernel oil is surprisingly lightweight, so it won't leave skin feeling heavy or clog your pores.

'Oat kernel oil is naturally rich in ceramides, antioxidants, sterols and omega fatty acids,' adds Moore. 'It's anti-inflammatory and soothing, so it's both calming and nourishing, making it an easy go-to whenever your skin needs a bit of additional support.'

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4. Glycerine

'Glycerine is the original skin hydrator,' Moore says. 'Before hyaluronic acid became the darling of the skincare world, glycerine was the original hydration heavy hitter. And for good reason - there's heaps of data to support its efficacy. Glycerine helps with moisture retention, strengthens skin barrier function and smooths out fine lines. It also helps optimise overall product performance by minimising the potential irritation some ingredients can cause. You can find it in most products throughout the Soho Skin range.'

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5. Amino acids

'Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins - including collagen and elastin - and proteins form a substantial portion of our bodies,' explains Moore. 'So, it's unsurprising that amino acids are so beneficial to the skin. Different types serve different functions within the skin, but generally speaking they work to nourish, protect and strengthen it. Our Renewal Serum, for example, is formulated with an amino acid-based complex that mimics the skin's natural moisturising factors and works with it to improve hydration levels and overall barrier function.'

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