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Radiance Toolkit

Your starter kit for glowing skin, our Soho Skin Radiance Toolkit includes three hydrating and radiance-boosting essentials for an instantly brighter complexion.

Contents worth £115/ $175, representing a saving of £40/ $60

Radiance Toolkit

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boost collagen

What it does

Inside, you'll find our nutrient-packed Face Oil to stimulate collagen and improve skin health, our nourishing and protecting Lip Balm, and a jade Gua Sha tool to de-puff skin and increase circulation.

Recommended for: all skin types



Face Oil: AM and/or PM, dispense two to five drops onto hands, rub together and press into skin. Use after, mixed into, or in place of moisturiser.

Gua Sha: Using gentle strokes move in upward lifting motions from the centre of your face and out towards hairline. After each use, wash the stone with mile natural soap and warm water and allow to dry completely.