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Meet the 24/7 Treatment, the secret to radiant skin, all party season long

By Chloe Lawrance

Party season is officially upon us, and with it comes late nights, indulgent dinners, and maybe one too many Soho House Picantes. And while we're certainly advocates for enjoying the festivities to their full potential, all of this can take its toll on your skin, leading to a dull, fatigued, and overworked complexion.

Enter the 24/7 Treatment, a multitasking, light gel mask inspired by the on-the-go lifestyles of Soho House members. Instantly reviving radiance - while supporting skin health in the long term - this unique formula will help your skin through the party season.

'Reach for the 24/7 Treatment whenever your skin appears lacklustre,' recommends our UK education manager, Nathan Moore. 'You can use it as a 10-minute wash-off mask for immediate results, or as a more intense overnight treatment; either way, it will gently exfoliate, deeply hydrate and noticeably brighten. Think of it as a shot of energy for your skin.'

So what does it actually do?

Despite the signature packaging, this hardworking hero is so much more than just a chic addition to your bathroom cabinet. Packed with powerhouse ingredients, the 24/7 Treatment is able to replenish skin with much-needed hydration almost instantly - like a refreshing glass of water for a thirsty (read: hungover) complexion. Alongside this, it helps to stimulate collagen, the building block that keeps skin plumped up, smooth and generally healthy looking. And, of course, like every product in the Soho Skin collection, it helps to drive skin's cellular energy.

What is skin energy?

Skin energy is, in the simplest terms, the process that keeps cell turnover at its most effective. This, in turn, supports a stronger and healthier moisture barrier, increased hydration levels, and a brighter, more radiant effect - all of which will help to defy the skin-fatiguing effects of party season.

It comes down to mitochondria: the 'engine' of your cells. Mitochondria take nutrients, break them down and produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energetic compound used to drive cell turnover. This process is called cellular respiration. The kicker? Cellular respiration actually causes slow but consistent damage to those mitochondria over time, impacting their overall function. Age and environmental stressors (like pollution, cold weather and late nights during the run-up to the festive period) can also contribute to the slowing of mitochondria function. That means lower and slower skin energy in the long term.

To rectify this, we've supercharged the 24/7 Treatment with ATP to help supplement the mitochondria's natural processes and promote high skin energy.

What other ingredients are in the 24/7 Treatment?

There's the Soho Skin Concentrate. This unique three-part formula not only supports skin energy thanks to glycogen, but also restores skin barrier function with strengthening probiotic lactococcus ferment lysate. The concentrate promotes production of proteins like collagen and elastin for a firmer, brighter finish, too. You can find out more about what makes the Soho Skin Concentrate so special here.

For maximum hydration - the secret to an instantly rejuvenated complexion when you've been putting your skin through the works with alcohol, late nights and rich food - there's hyaluronic acid. As a humectant, it absorbs and retains moisture, giving skin a glow and leaving it feeling smoother and more hydrated.

Next, you'll find vitamin C. Not only does this antioxidant help to shield mitochondria from free radical damage caused by stressors like UV rays (boosting the production of skin energy in the process), but it also helps to even skin tone and brighten a tired complexion.

And then there's lactic acid at a reasonably low concentration of just 3%. As a very gentle AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), it offers a mild exfoliation. By keeping this ingredient at a reduced level, the 24/7 Treatment promotes a smoother, clearer and more refined finish from the first use, without the risk of sensitisation.

How should the 24/7 Treatment be used?

During the party season, look to the 24/7 Treatment as a reliable quick fix; a 10-minute mask to boost your glow before a big event, or the morning after when your complexion needs a pick-me-up. Apply a thin layer to clean skin and leave it to work its magic for the next 10 minutes. Pour yourself a drink or make a coffee while you wait. Rinse, then apply our Face Cream to lock in hydration. Expect an instantly brighter and fresher looking complexion, just like that.

When skin is looking particularly dull, use the 24/7 Treatment as an intense sleep mask. Apply as the final step in your evening routine, before letting it sink in overnight - no need to wash off come morning. By letting the formula get to work over a longer period of time, you'll replenish hydration levels, gently slough away dead skin cells, and support long-term skin health.

Avoid overusing the 24/7 Treatment; stick to using it just two to three times a week. And don't forget, whenever you're using active ingredients in your routine, it's essential to apply a high-coverage SPF every morning.